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Robco ISO 14001 certified!

Now, more than ever, we address various aspects of environmental management by controlling our environmental impact and constantly improving our environmental performance.

With ISO 14001, we are taking action to minimize our impact on the environment and provide assurance that our every effort is constantly measured and improved. This includes better control of our waste management and our energy and material consumption. Every Robco employee is hard at work providing the ISO 9001 quality controlled products our customers trust but now these products are, by definition, greener and produced following a strict waste management program that benefits not only our customers, their families and friends, but every living creature.

For over 100 years, Robco has provided customers with customized solutions and products that include every type and size of seal, gasket, compression packing, heat resistant material, rubber product, and lubricant.  The customer‑centric basket of products has impacted a huge array of industries, most notably mining, refining, military, chemical processing, power generation and mass transport.

Today, our business continues to thrive as we adapt the product lines to new technologies and materials, increase and modernize our manufacturing capacity, and constantly adjust our business processes in the spirit of continuous improvement.  Our current team is a group of passionate, driven individuals who are aligned more than ever towards achieving our mission.

Robco’s 100 year history


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