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  Robco recognizes that its employees are the single most important component of its business.   We are proud to enjoy low turnover and regularly celebrate decade-long employee service milestones.  Currently (January 2013), 24% of our employees have more than 20 years service, and 43% have more than 10 years of service!

   We are in the minority of privately owned Canadian companies that continues to offer a generous pension plan and group benefits package.  We are also committed to a corporate training program that ensures all of our employees are in continuous professional development. 

  Our philosophy is simple; if we create the best possible work environment and offer competitive rewards packages, we will attract and retain the best talent in our industry, further supporting and promoting the success of our business.  

        With this philosophy in mind, we have developed a process to be constantly looking for dynamic, enthusiastic, talented individuals whose core values are aligned with our business’s goals and mission. We look forward to hearing from you!




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