Robco compression packing passes API 622 with flying colours !

Robco compression packing #1222 recently passed API 622 revision II standard at the Yarmouth Research & Technology Lab. Under the American Petroleum Institute specifications, our packing was tested for fugitive emissions on a test rig that is designed similarly to a 4 inch - Class 300 rising valve. The test requires five thermal cycles from ambient temperature to 260 C (500 F) with 1,510 mechanical cycles, sealing methane gas. Each set of ambient and thermal cycles is divided into 300 cycles per day.

Robco averaged a leakage rate of 16ppm (100ppm max allowed) over the 6-day test with 0 adjustments during the complete period.

(News - Jan, 2017)


New White Paper available: 5 Reasons to use Preformed Packing Ring Sets in rotating equipment.

"Comparison of bulk compression packing versus pre-cut, preformed packing ring sets in rotating, fluid handling equipment. You rely on braided compression packing to efficiently seal rotating equipment, particularly when sealing aggressive fluids where mechanical seals have demonstrated their limits. etc..." (News - Aug, 2016)

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Success Story: Above and Beyond - How employee dedication saved the day (and millions) for major oil company.

"On Canada Day, July 1st, on an offshore rig in the northern Atlantic, JD, the Platform Construction Manager sent out an urgent email to his usual supplier in Newfoundland. The subject read: « Emergency Order – Gaskets need offshore ASAP." (News - Jul, 2016)

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New White Paper available: Improving operations of cone crusher bearings with high performance grease and lubricants.

"Industrial operations are expected to run faster and for longer periods of time, resulting in greater demands being placed on machinery performance. The appropriate selection of lubrication can add thousands of hours of extra life to equipment..." (News - Feb, 2016)

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New White Paper available: Why Using North American Made Crucible Lid Seal is the Smart Choice over Cheaper Imported Types

"Robco has been producing various types of braided crucible lid seals for usage in the aluminium industry for decades. End-users repeatedly reported a fair difference in longevity of the Robco seals versus products available from low cost producers located in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. We wanted to quantify why our products latest longer and performed better by testing physical performance..." (News - Jan 4, 2016)

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Introducing the PackMiter by Robco

Measuring and cutting compression packing has never been easier! Our engineering team has developed a no-nonsense, simple to use and virtually unbreakable tool to measure and cut your pump packing. The PackMiter reduces time and effort usually required to produce precision packing lengths up to 48” with a 45º or 90º angle cut, for 1/8” to 1” cross sections, while greatly increasing worker safety.

This sturdy cutting tool can be bolted to any work table and is made of abrasion resistant, recycled UHMW-PE. Easy to clean and maintain, it has an integrated ruler, a built-in stow-away slit for the quality packing knife (included), an adjustable two-sided end-piece, a safety grip to hold the pacing in place and a built-in sharpening stone. It comes with a laminated reference chart that clearly indicates what length is required for which stem size depending on the packing cross-section. Now anyone can safely cut packing like a pro!  (News - Sept 20, 2015)

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Robco website gets a makeover was starting to show its age. That’s why we are pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with easy to find information about our products and services. While we admit that our old website was a bit of a nightmare to navigate (yes, even for us) and couldn’t be readily updated by our team, the new and improved version will offer access to up-to-date technical and safety information for our Robco products, latest news and other surprises. Come-in! Take a look around. See what we’ve done with the place.  (News - Oct. 28, 2015)


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